In march 2020, visual artist AP Nguyen came back home to Hanoi, Vietnam, in order to avoid the virus in the UK. Having little means of production and context for making conceptual art, she turned to clay and decided that she’d learn a completely new craft. At first, she struggled to navigate the world of Vietnamese pottery- with all of its mystery and village secrecy. But over the months, she came to befriend and gain the trust of a Bát Tràng family who lets her use their family kiln and even their safely-guarded glaze recipes. A year on and Clay Projects has become an independent ceramic studio that not only produces meticulously made ceramic items, but also runs small workshops and classes based in the heart of old-quarter Hanoi.

Each piece from the studio is a celebration of artistic expression, experimentation and imagination. Taking inspiration from the artist’s background in sculpture and the fantastical dream world of flora and fauna, Clay Projects hopes to cultivate a utopia of ceramic objects that blurs the lines between the quirky and cool, the artistic and the functional.

32 hang can, hoan kiem, hanoi
open via appointment

(+84) 932362528


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